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A fresh approach to growing your business
Ammtek...A fresh approach to growing your business.

About Ammtek

Ammtek is an innovative electronics design and development consultancy. We offer a complete range of creative electronic engineering services with a broad range of skills and technologies, including hardware and software design, simulation, modelling, feasibility studies, prototyping and production. We are interested in helping your business grow by offering solutions to your electronic engineering problems.

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The Big Picture

Systems engineering. Specification, feasibility study, proof of concept, problem solving, prototyping, product development.


Software engineering using high level languages such as C, C++ and C# through to low level Assembler, DSP and embedded.


Hardware engineering. Analogue and Digital electronics, schematic capture, PCB layout, Production.

Web Enabled

Embedded servers, remote sensing, web control, database design, dashboards, web development and hosting. Smart embedded web products.