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Web Enabled

A popular theme among many new products is the ability to communicate and interact over the internet. A good example is a vending machine which can report on status, stock levels and takings via a secure web page. Another example is a remote data logging sensor, sending readings automatically over the internet to a central database for analysis and graphical presentation in a secure web page.

Here are some examples of the type of web enabled engineering that we can help you with

  • Low cost web server on embedded micro controller boards
  • TCP / IP communications between client and server
  • HTTP web servers with dynamic content and interactive user interface
  • Wired interconnectivity including Ethernet, power line, serial, USB, I2C etc.
  • Wireless communications including ISM, Zigbee, Bluetooth etc.
  • Integrated sensors including Touch sense, temperature, voltage, current, pressure, humidity, acceleration etc.